Created for the essential oil user

           During Mother’s Day weekend Liz, her mom and sister made a trip to Palm Springs for a relaxing spa weekend experience. Liz purchased lavender essential oil from the spa they visited since it is known for its calming & relaxing effects--physically and emotionally. The following week, her sister Adriana began to experience anxiety due to life changes. Liz drove to her house to give her the lavender essential oil she had just purchased. That following weekend, the three ladies went to buy more essential oils so they can each have their own.

While spending the weekend together, Liz noticed that her sister struggling through her purse anxiously in search for the lavender essential oil when she needed relief, when Liz thought, "There must be a simpler solution to this".

The next day, while Liz and her mom were driving a long distance home when Liz asked her mother to place lavender essential oil onto the bracelet her daughter Serina had made for her. While driving and experiencing the aroma of her bracelet, that’s when it...AromaTherapy Jewelry instantly accessible to you wherever you are, at your convenience. Just a few hours later Liz and her mom started making prototype bracelets out of various materials to ultimately have the product assembled. “It has truly been a lifesaver & brilliant idea!”